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As a Transformational DEI &Narrative Specialist, Dr. Agard uses her experience, education, and expertise to help clients identify their growing edges, areas where growth is needed to embrace and live into their vision for themselves and their organizations. Her passion and effectiveness in these areas are reflected in her work to reduce food and housing insecurity, her participation in organizing the IAF affiliate One Wake in Wake County, NC, her work as an LGBTQIA ally in pastoral counseling, and her most recent certification as a Transformational DEI Specialist by the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce. 


It's beyond time for all of us to embrace actionable training on diversity, equity, and inclusion to support a more inclusive and equitable world. The Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce Transformational DEI Certificate Program, in partnership with Diversity@Workplace Consulting Group, aims to increase fluency in DEI concepts and equip participants with actionable tools to take back to their workplaces.  At BeSpeak Solutions, Inc. we are ready to use these actionable tools to benefit you and your stakeholders.


Contact us today to pivot the DEI narrative of your organization and/or community.

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Why Invest in DEI?


Conscious and unconscious biases negatively impact your organization.


Inequity in the workplace decreases morale, productivity, and employee investment.


A lack of diversity is a disadvantage in a global economy.


A lack of inclusion hinders growth for individual staff and the organization.


DEI commitments and initiatives affirm the personhood, gifting, and potential of all people.


It's the right thing to do.

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