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Be. Speak. Live.


Our Mission

Transforming lives and communities through narrative-informed practices of pastoral counseling, mentoring, strategic planning, and consulting


Our Vision

To become a national leader guiding people and communities to healthier, more fulfilling lives by implementing intentional practices of authenticity, reciprocity, and creativity


Our Core Values

  1. Authenticity – Discovering & Embracing who YOU are (as an individual, faith community, social group, or business)

  2. Reciprocity – Building relationships and communities of trust, interdependency, respect, and accountability

  3. Creativity – Using story to define core values, isolate problems, engage strengths, and craft new possibilities of sustainability and hope

What is BeSpeak’s Theory of Change?

Our narrative-informed framework teaches clients to separate themselves, their BEings, from the assumptions and patterns of the toxic language systems they inhabit.  Clients then use this new self-knowledge to discover their unique gifts, find solutions to current problems, imagine new futures, and SPEAK them into existence. The courageous acts of BEing one’s true self and SPEAKing one’s new story lead to individual transformation and new communities built on trust, interdependency, respect, and accountability.  In short, the narrative-informed framework of BeSpeak Solutions, Inc. helps clients to LIVE.  This process works with individuals, families, groups, businesses, and communities of every kind.

Founder, Visionary, & CEO

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